My rival suffers from intellectual poverty — Obiano

By Charles Kumolu on October, 25 2013

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Dr. Willie Obiano is the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance. In this interview with selected journalists, he bares his mind on Anambra State and what he has in stock for the State if elected as the next Governor.Excerpts

HOW has the campaign been?

We are still on it and I enjoy every bit of it because, for me, it is expository. Though as a son of the soil, I had visited many parts of the State before, the campaign has afforded me the opportunity of visiting more places.

I am confident that before the election proper, I would have visited all the 177 communities in the State. If you have followed my campaign, you would have noticed that it is more of grassroots sensitization. Some people say I should buy airtime in all the electronic media, including CNN . I have watched some of those adverts and my conclusion is that what they show us is but the confirmation that they are not worthy to become lead men in any capacity not to talk of being governor of our state.

How do you mean?

Take the case of the advert where a particular candidate goes to different schools in the State. Coming to a school where three out of the maybe existing 6 buildings had been rehabilitated, he will shoot those yet to be rehabilitated and present same as the state of Anambra schools. I have personally done on the spot visits of projects going on in the State for a first hand understanding of what obtains in Anambra State. One area Gov. Peter Obi has done marvelously well in is education.

Now, the man doing selective shooting is merely showing us his deceptive character. You cannot, because you are standing for election, categorically propagate that the incumbent is doing nothing. This shows that you are inherently deceptive and will continue to deceive the people in whatever capacity you find yourself.

Do you think you are better than other candidates why?

Your question boils down to what I have been talking about. In terms of experiential pedigree, I enjoy far reaching privileges among the gubernatorial candidates. As the number two man in Fidelity Bank, I was exposed to money several times bigger than what the State has.

Having been the first man to become the internal auditor of Texaco Worldwide and the number two man in Fidelity Bank for nine years, I think I have more local and international experiences than those in the race.

I spent two extra years in Fidelity Bank after I was supposed to retire because the institution found my services worth keeping. In term of character, you see me campaigning with my wife.

At the risk of sounding immodest, I was brought up by a Spartan father who was a teacher and an understanding mother for whom virtue is everything. I embraced my parents’ wish for a virtuous life and today nobody can peruse through my life and say that I have been found wanting. Can other candidates say the same about themselves without being reminded of many skeletons in their pockets not even cupboards?

The candidate of Labour Party, Dr. Ifeanyi Uba was quoted …..

(Cuts in) Please, as a matter of policy, I do not discuss individuals. I have seen adverts by people in the media castigating others and even the incumbent Governor because they want to become Governor.

If you lie against one another because you want to become governor, you are telling us that you are not fit for the office. In fact, I take it as a sign of intellectual poverty when I see somebody who cannot tell us about his manifesto but who revels in heaping lies against people.

If such a man is allowed to become Governor, only God knows what the thrust of his government will be.

I have seen a particular candidate calling on Gov. Obi to account for the 3 trillion he has received as Governor. For a person at that level to peddle such falsehood smacks of supreme mischief or very poor calculations.

How can somebody say that kind of thrash when the yearly budget of the State is a matter of public knowledge?

How would you tackle the menace of insecurity?

This is one area Gov. Obi has committed a lot of resources in. Besides providing patrol vehicles to security agencies, he has also bought patrol vans for all the communities in the State.

He is equally paying towns’ vigilante groups, among other security measures. I shall devote more time and resources in intelligence. You see, our security people cannot catch armed robbers and kidnappers when they carry AK 47 all over the places.

When those armed robbers know where they are, they will not go there. I shall focus on intelligence.
With good intelligence, armed robbers will be routed in their hideouts and houses even before they embark on crime. We shall continue the policy of punishing owners of buildings used in kidnapping and we shall continue to pull down such buildings according to the laws of the State.

What message do you have for the people of the State?

It is simple. Vote for Willie Obiano and Nkem Okeke because of proven capacity to add value to the State.

Do not vote for people because they share money, for they will steal your money to recover their expenses.

Do not vote for people that will not protect our people in any part of Nigeria by supporting primitive actions such as deportation of our people. Do not vote people who did not contribute anything to the institutions where they are now or where they served in the past.

If a Senator did not pass one bill for three years at the senate, if you vote for him, he will simply continue the slumber in Government House.

Above all, vote for me, people with the fear of God and be assured of quality service and esteemed respect for the dignity of Ndi-Anambra and Ndigbo. Vote for Willie Obiano.

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